BacklinksIndexer Review- Why Should Buy It ?

Why Do You Need Backlinks?

Every day, billions of search queries work on different devices on different topics and keywords.
Powerful .. the most popular is google search with 84% market share. Your goal is to rank for specific articles / keywords of your article because

  • The first ranking position in search results receives all 42.25% of traffic
  • While the second ranking page received 11.94%
  • Third place received about 8.47%
  • The fourth page receives traffic 6.05%
  • And others on the first page get less than 5% of click traffic

While very few people check the second or third page of search

So that means that unless you rank on page 1, your content will remain obscured and will not receive traffic.

You can get traffic through advertising, content access and advertising but that's not long-term

Google has stated that backlink is one of the important factors in determining the ranking of a page among other pages such as age domain, content length, keyword density, page loading speed, external links. ...

Reverse links are very important for a successful link building campaign to improve your website in SERP.

That 's a reason today I introduce for you backlinkindexer . What is it ? How does it work ?..

Let's read my backlinkindexer review right now !

What Is It ?

As you may know unindexed backlinks simply waste your time and money and if you already know this fact, then I think you have started searching for indexing services. Matching will help you skyrocket your SEO campaigns, right?

 Well, then I have good and bad news for you - Backlinks Indexer is the best indexing service available, which is good news, but it's a bit expensive compared to competitors. Backlinks Indexer must perform the stages, so I will try to focus on both stages in this Backlinks Indexer review.

The price of the Backlink Indexer as I mentioned above is a bit more expensive than other indexing services - the price starts at $ 15 per month and you will be able to send 1500 your url to index and Getting level 2 will actually increase your backlink (I will talk about this later in this Backlinks Indexer review).

And the business plan costs $ 100 per month, but if you are an SEO dealer if you just need to add the url to submit, you can contact them at any time and they will upgrade your pricing package. When I tried to contact them, they answered very quickly - that's another plus point I need to mention in this Backlinks Indexer review.

How Does It Work ?

Features of Backlinks Indexer

Here are some of the most pronounced features of this handy link indexing app from

Safe and secure

Backlink Indexer is a safe and secure SEO tool to use. There are many digital marketers on the platform already, and several users have voted the platform as a stable platform for doing quick backlinks indexing services or as an SEO professional.

100% automatic processes

There is nothing to download as this tool is fully automated. Every action takes place right on your dashboard or once you’re signed in to the app. Unlike some other indexing tools out there, Backlinks Indexer is stylishly unique; its method of application is entirely different from the others.

Quick indexing

Naturally, it takes some days or even months, and years before search engines bots detect, index, and rank new URLs that are pointing to your website/blog. But with a tool like Backlinks Indexer, you can quickly index your URLs for improved ranking, and overall performance on search engines.

Easy-to-use dashboard

The dashboard is straightforward and easy to use/understand. Frankly, anyone using this SEO tool will easily navigate on the panel/dashboard and carry out various actions that apply to the plan or package they’re subscribed to.

Easy WordPress Integration

Backlinks Indexer doesn’t neglect WordPress ( being the world’s most popular content management system). No matter your theme, WordPress hosting plan, and plugins; you can directly download and install their official WordPress plugin from

The plugin is codenamed –  bli-submitter. It lets you work directly from your WordPress dashboard and can be used on any kind of wordpress hosting setup

Backlinks boosting

Interestingly, not only does Backlink indexer indexes your URLs, but it also goes further to increase and strengthen them for best performance and better ranking on search engines.

How Does It Boost Your Backlinks?

First, the tool individually pings each link to ensure it is crawled. Then, secondly, the tool also powers up your URLs using web 2.0 blogs, high DA blogs, microblogs, bookmarking sites, plus RSS feed aggregators. This way, your links will be boosted automatically, and they will rank very well for your targeted keyword(s).

Backlinks Indexer Plans and Pricing

The basic membership plan of Backlinks Indexer is available for $17 per month, while $27 is for the advanced plan. The pro plan goes for $57, while the enterprise plan (which is their greatest plan) is valued at $97. All plans are billed monthly; however, you’ll get a free 5-day trial period to explore the tool. Also, the team promises a no-obligation 30 days money back guarantee to anyone that isn’t satisfied with their tool/services.

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